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Handmade bespoke sneakers

What do we do

We do not make footwear, we make wearable art!


All our products are handmade by a skilled craftsman. They are created with a great eye for detail. This ensures that the final product we deliver looks sublime, and maybe even more importand, are made to last!

A heart for quality

Quality is one of the most important aspects of any product. Therefor we take great pride in delivering a product made out of high quality materials. This ensures that each product we make can stand up to our high standards and will feel and look amazing.

More than a shoe

We strive to make each pair of shoes that we create to be something unique. In our eyes the shoes are not just things you wear on your feet, they are individual pieces of art that all tell their own story. This story makes each shoe stand out. The best thing is, you can actually wear this piece of art and use it to express yourself!


Here you can find a sneak peek of the shoes we have created.

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About US

Ivo Schrama is the owner and creative mind behind Get Your Kicks. His career started after the “Sneaker school” class and attending a course on traditional shoemaking. This array of education gives him a wide range of skills to use when creating shoes. After his education Ivo decided that it was time to start combining the things he was most passionate about; These things being art and shoes.

In his opinion its crucial for a piece of footwear to be more then something you walk on, for him a shoe is a piece of his identity. Therefor he decided to make shoes with a backstory; not just a backstory, a backstory told by YOU!

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