Exhibition in “Museum Het Schip” in Amsterdam

From the 31st of January and onward The lamppost heels from the previous post are on display in “Museum Het Schip” in Amsterdam. This exhibition features several works of the students of the HMC College in amsterdam, one of these works is mine. All of the items on display are based on the style of the amsterdam school which the museum is based on. Below are some pictures of how my part of the exhibition looks.

If you are curious, you can check them out for yourself by going to the museum and taking the guided tour to the old post office where the collection is located.

A picture taken inside the museum

A close up image of the exhibition itself, on the left the heel prototype, on the right a prototype and in the middle the final product.

Lamppost heels

Last week I finished the pair of shoes for the dutch Museum “Het Schip”. This museum is all about the Amsterdam School style. I have made a pair of high heels based on one of the objects I saw in the museum, the object was the lamppost you see below.

the lamppost the heel of my shoe is based on

The heel was sculpted in Rhino7, the sculpt is inspired by the shape and feel of the back of the lamppost. after that I 3D printed the heel and put it to the test. I realized it was strong enough to stand on so the production of the shoe became a reality. I am really happy with how the shoes turned out and can’t wait to display them in the museum.